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This page about Jeff the Killer strictly focuses on the original story and the facts it holds. Information outside of the original story will be ignored, as it was not written on that story. CAT-Jeff the Killers could be written soon.

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Jeff the Killer is the nickname given đồ sộ an unidentified serial killer currently active across America on Creepypasta Planet in the late 2000s. In all criminal case files and journalistic reports, he is given the same nickname by the murderer himself.

Attacks ascribed đồ sộ Jeff the Killer typically involved moderate families, with children being his most common target. Yet there are cases wherein Jeff the Killer murders all family members currently inside the house or leaves babies alone. Before, each murder was separate cases. However, it was soon evident the murders of several families were connected, and that there was only one culprit responsible for each murder.

Jeff the Killer was dubbed by that name personally by him. The serial killer got a lot of attention by the public eye, both due đồ sộ his scarred appearance and thanks đồ sộ truyền thông coverage of the events.

The exact number of victims Jeff the Killer has claimed is unknown.


Hospital records reveal Jeff the Killer landed in a bleach-related incident, in which fire was ignited on his face while it was covered in bleach. The odd situation might suggest he was involved in a struggle involving another group.

Weeks passed, and the wounds on his head healed which allowed the bandages on his head đồ sộ be allowed đồ sộ mix loose. His appearance was drastic, with rough white skin and pitch-black hair, which used đồ sộ be brown. This is especially odd since bleach usually decolorized pigments, which should have made his hair white.

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According đồ sộ doctors, the patient laughed in a "crazy way", already suggesting that the serial killer had a degrading mental state before the murders.


The first string of murders happened in America, in a wealthy neighborhood. His first victims were his own family, both of his parents and his younger brother Liu Woods.

The weeks following that, Jeff the Killer has gone on a killing spree, murdering household, especially at night. The string of murders betrayed his location, which revealed his location đồ sộ be close đồ sộ ███ ████, █████████.

Jeff the Killer's attempts at concealing evidence is said by some đồ sộ be a fruitless effort since the locations of each murder revealed his location specifically.[1]

According đồ sộ an interview, one child who survived an attack by Jeff the Killer, it is then revealed the murderer always utters "go đồ sộ sleep" whenever killing his victims.


The murders have inspired a ton of young teenagers đồ sộ also go on killing sprees, mimicking the serial killer's name by having their killer nicknames be "[Name] The Killer". Though there are serial killers who are unique with their nicknames.

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