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Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearance(Karnes):
Captain Marvel Jr. #4 (February 1943)
Outsiders #8 (March 2004)
Justice League #10 (August 2012)
Created by


  • Otto Binder
  • Al Carreno


  • Judd Winick
  • Tom Raney


  • Geoff Johns
  • Gary Frank
In-story information
Alter egoTimothy Karnes
Ishmael Gregor
Mr. Bryer
Species(Karnes & Gregor):
Place of originHell
Notable aliasesTimothy Barnes
  • Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, tốc độ, agility, reflexes, and wisdom
  • Flight
  • Accelerated healing
  • Pyrokinesis

(Karnes & Gregor):

  • Transformation
  • Demonic empowerment
  • Expertise in occultism


  • Possession
  • Shapeshifting
  • Immortality

Sabbac is the name of three American comic book supervillains appearing in DC Comics. The original Sabbac debuted in Captain Marvel Jr. #4 (February 1943), and was created by Otto Binder and Al Carreno as an enemy of Captain Marvel Jr., while an updated version debuted in Outsiders #8 (March 2004), and was created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney as a nemesis for both Junior and the Outsiders superhero team.[1] A third version was introduced in Justice League #10 (August 2012), and was created by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank as an adversary for the Shazam Family and an associate of Black Adam and the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man.

Ishmael Gregor appeared in the television series Arrow, portrayed by David Meunier, and the DC Extended Universe film Black Adam, portrayed by Marwan Kenzari.

Fictional character biographies[edit]

Timothy Karnes[edit]

The original Sabbac is depicted as a "dark opposite" vĩ đại the Marvels, similar vĩ đại Captain Marvel's foe Ibac, who draws his powers from four historical villains. The dark forces of Hell gave the human Timothy Karnes (alternatively spelled as Barnes) the power vĩ đại become a being with powers vĩ đại rival Captain Marvel. To access this power, all Karnes has vĩ đại tự is say the magic word Sabbac, and magic Black lightning strikes up from the underworld and transforms him into a muscle-bound demon with super-strength, super-speed, flight, fire breath, and the ability vĩ đại emit fire blasts from the palms of his hands. His powers match those of the Marvels. Like Captain Marvel's magic word Shazam, the word Sabbac is an acronym for the six beings who empower Sabbac: the demons Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Crateis. He resembles Timothy in green robes but with a more muscular build and fangs in his pronounced overbite. Sabbac was an enemy of Captain Marvel Jr. Sabbac appeared in two issues of the Golden Age Captain Marvel Jr. comic book (issues #4 and #6, both from 1943), and in two issues each of World's Finest Comics and Adventure Comics during the early 1980s. When he first appears he joins Nazi agents, being promised power over America if he helps them conquer it, and tries vĩ đại destroy transport lines vĩ đại isolate eastern and western North America. However, as he continues vĩ đại battle Jr., the various demons empowering him leave him as things grow increasingly bleak for the villain, removing his powers until Satan leaves him, allowing him vĩ đại be defeated.

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In 2004, Sabbac was introduced into DC Comics continuity in Outsiders #8, written by Judd Winick and illustrated by Tom Raney. The story established Timothy Karnes as Freddy Freeman's (Captain Marvel Jr.'s alter-ego) former foster brother. Freddy's parents, David and Rebecca Freeman, had taken Timothy in, but the boy was sent vĩ đại live with another family when the couple were killed in a xế hộp accident. Timothy would find himself shuffled from one abusive foster trang chính vĩ đại another, and grew vĩ đại hate and resent Freddy Freeman, who lived a successful and relatively peaceful life with his grandfather.

Sabbac's origin was depicted in the 2005/2006 Superman/Shazam! First Thunder miniseries, written by Winick and drawn by Joshua Middleton. Dr. Sivana, hoping vĩ đại find a way vĩ đại kill Captain Marvel, has the high priest of the Temple of Bagdan kidnap Timothy, whom they learn is a descendant of the Bagdan line and the heir vĩ đại the demonic powers of Sabbac. During a demonic ritual, Timothy is transformed for the first time into the demon Sabbac and challenges Superman and Captain Marvel. Marvel defeats Sabbac after tricking him into saying his name (and thus causing him vĩ đại turn back into Timothy).

Ishmael Gregor[edit]

In Outsiders #8-10, Captain Marvel Jr. and the Outsiders team face a new, more feral version of Sabbac. This version of Sabbac, possessing amplified demonic powers and a hairy beast-like appearance with horns instead of the more humanoid original khuông, is the alter ego of Ishmael Gregor, a Russian immigrant who had become a Thủ đô New York City mob quấn. Gregor lusted after the power of Sabbac and had his men find Timothy Karnes, who had been incarcerated and had his voice box removed vĩ đại prevent him from speaking. Gregor initiates a demonic ritual which he states will allow Karnes vĩ đại access his power without needing vĩ đại speak. The ritual involves the murder of an entire Thủ đô New York bus full of passengers. At the kết thúc, Gregor kills Karnes and gains the power of Sabbac for himself.

The second Sabbac opens a portal in the backyard of a very specific California trang chính. This brings a host of demons into the world. He is challenged by the Outsiders and Captain Marvel Jr. and flees when his demons are defeated.

The Secret Society of Super-Villains sends Deathstroke the Terminator vĩ đại Las Vegas, where Sabbac is taking over the local Mafia. Deathstroke kills Sabbac's personal entourage and convinces him that the Society has much vĩ đại offer.[2]

Sabbac also works with the Fearsome Five vĩ đại attack Alcatraz in San Francisco, now a supervillain prison.[3] They are there for the seemingly minor purpose of freeing the FF thành viên Mammoth. During the attack, the magical Rock of Eternity explodes over Gotham City. Sabbac's preparations allow him vĩ đại absorb the sentient power of the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man.[2] He also grows much larger. He uses 'Lust' vĩ đại bring down the Five, the Alcatraz prisoners, and a majority of the guards. He uses the other sins in combat against the Outsiders. Donna Troy appears and the heroes use Katana's magic Soultaker sword vĩ đại imprison the demon.[4] From inside the Soultaker, Sabbac admits that the Society had enlisted him vĩ đại kidnap Captain Marvel Jr. and bring him vĩ đại Lex Luthor.

One Year Later[edit]

When the Outsiders were out of options, Katana summoned forth Ishmael from the Soultaker vĩ đại destroy Dr. Sivana's base.

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In the 52 maxiseries, Captain Marvel, on the brink of insanity due vĩ đại the Sins' voices, mentioned that Sabbac had tried an assault on the Rock of Eternity.[5] Later in the series, Sabbac attacked Boston on Halloween, with the intention of kidnapping children and sacrificing their souls vĩ đại the demon-lord Neron, causing a new age of blood. Sabbac was now several stories tall, and was only stopped through the efforts of both the Marvel Family and the Black Marvel Family, who strike him with their lightning and knock him out. The Black Marvels then move him vĩ đại an unknown location, and their popularity was increased.[6]

Mr. Bryer[edit]

After DC's 2011 The New 52, a new version of Sabbac was introduced. This version of Sabbac was a physical manifestation of the Seven Deadly Sins of Man, who can simultaneously possess a wicked person (in this case, Mr. Bryer, a rich man who bullies Billy Batson along with his sons) and transform that person into a 50-foot demon that breathes fire. Sabbac then attacked downtown Philadelphia under the command of Black Adam, who was intent on having the demon destroy the world sánh Adam could remake it in his own image.[7] The Shazam Family united vĩ đại save the thành phố from Sabbac as Shazam himself took on Black Adam.[8] Bryer is then sent vĩ đại the hospital after Sabbac leaves his body toàn thân.

Powers and abilities[edit]

All versions of Sabbac have immense strength, stamina, durability, tốc độ, agility, reflexes, healing, and wisdom, as well as hypersonic flight. Both Barnes and Gregor are able vĩ đại project fire from their mouths or hands. This is accomplished by saying Sabbac, which would undo the change.[9][10] The Bryer version of Sabbac can possess human bodies, potentially live forever, and take on any appearance at will or cast illusions that makes him look lượt thích another person.[11]

S Invincible Strength of Satan Sabbac has superhuman strength.
A Indestructible Body of Aym Sabbac has invulnerability.
B Evil Wisdom of Belail Sabbac has immense access vĩ đại knowledge.
B Flame Powers of Beelzebub Sabbac has control over fire being able vĩ đại unleash a fire-breath and shoot fire blasts.
A Evil Courage of Asmodeus Sabbac has immense willpower and superhuman endurance.
C Flight of Craeteis Sabbac has flight and superhuman tốc độ.

In other media[edit]

  • Sabbac is mentioned in the Young Justice episode "Misplaced". Cat Grant is reading a news report that states he and Ibac had been defeated by Captain Marvel earlier in the day.
  • Ishmael Gregor appears in flashbacks depicted in the fifth season of Arrow, portrayed by David Meunier.[12] This version is the human Pakhan, or quấn, of the Solntsevskaya branch of the Bratva who secretly works for Konstantin Kovar. After Oliver Queen reveals Gregor's true allegiance and causes a civil war within the Bratva's ranks, Gregor is killed and replaced by Anatoly Knyazev.
  • The Ishmael Gregor incarnation of Sabbac appears in Black Adam, portrayed by Marwan Kenzari.[13] This version is the leader of Intergang's Kahndaq branch and a descendant of the Kahndaq tyrant King Ahk-Ton (also portrayed by Kenzari) who seeks the Crown of Sabbac, which his ancestor failed vĩ đại claim due vĩ đại Teth-Adam. After being killed by Teth-Adam in the present, Gregor's spirit reaches the Rock of Finality, where he is empowered by Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Crateris vĩ đại serve as their champion. Nevertheless, Teth-Adam kills Gregor once more with the Justice Society of America's help.[14]


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